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Friday, March 12, 2010

Eddie Hendry and Steve Southerland Are Working Hard For the Opportunity to Oppose Boyd This Fall

Candidates debate at Republican Club Meeting

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Northwest Florida Republican Club at Jim’s buffet and Grill in Marianna, the program was a head-on debate between 2nd District Congressional Candidates Eddie Hendry of Tallahassee, and Steve Southerland of Panama City. Under direction from moderator, Ben Odom, they both addressed a wide range of topics and questions garnered from the crowd of around one hundred.

However, there was actually limited debate in the encounter, since both men are staunch conservatives who are disgusted with what they state is a liberal, socialistic, dangerous movement which has been initiated by the current administration in Washington. These candidates state that Congressman Boyd has generally endorsed their programs and supported the wishes of the party leadership, including the hotly disputed Cap and Trade Legislation.

Both men stated that they made the decision to run for Congress because of a deep, personal concern for the direction our nation has taken. They both have felt a “call to action” to dedicate themselves to service in order to help correct the national direction. Hendry stressed the fact that since the district is heavily tilted toward a Democratic majority, it will require attracting the moderate and conservative Democrats to vote for a well qualified conservative Republican candidate in order to unseat the entrenched Boyd. Southerland stressed the fact that more than any other issue, the issue of Jobs-Jobs-Jobs is what has to be emphasized throughout the campaign.

In response to questions submitted from the audience both men stated they favored the fair tax approach, wanted to reduce the role and power of the Federal Government, favored term limits including the associated bureaucracy in Washington, felt the interpretation of the “commerce clause” was too broad and was in violation of the 10th Amendment, were opposed to the federalization of health care, opposed farm subsidies, feel earmarks are a terrible idea, feel the tax code should be simplified, and the power of most Federal Agencies needs to be reigned-in.

In their closing remarks they detailed their personal philosophies, reasons for running for this office, and highlighted their qualifications and backgrounds.

Hendry, who is a Citadel graduate and served over five years in the Army as an officer, stressed fact that he feels his experiences has enabled him to develop good leadership skills. He is prepared to take those skills to Washington where they are direly needed.

Southerland stressed his background as a small business owner. His knowledge of what it takes to run a business on a professional basis, he understands the pressures of being an employer and meeting a payroll every week. He feels these skills and knowledge of business operations are qualities desperately needed in Washington in order to restore the U.S. economy.

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