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Friday, March 12, 2010

Student Winners of the “Partnership With Education” Writing Skills Contest Are Announced

The winner from each school will now compete for the Grand Prize in the event. By Sid Riley

Last week’s issue of the Jackson County Times concluded the writing contest for county students in grades six thru eight. These writings took the form of short essays and poems. For the past six issues, this newspaper has published selected entries from each of the five community schools, plus the home school students of the county.

The purpose of this program is first to give the student the thrill of having something they wrote published under their by line. Secondly, through corporate sponsorships of the event, a rare linkage between the business community and in-class activities is created. We feel this is a much more educationally directed use of support funds than projects such as advertising on billboards, programs, and tee shirts.

The winners of this year’s “Partnership With Education” Writing Skills Contest are:

Each of these school winners will receive a $50.00 award from the Jackson County Times and the Corporate Sponsors, and recognition from the School Board at a future meeting. The writings created by these winners will now be reprinted (see page of this issue), for judging of the “Best Composition” and the $100 prize which accompanies that designation. This winner will be announced in next week’s issue of the Jackson County Times.

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