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Friday, March 12, 2010

Top Terrorism Expert To Speak At Tea Party Meeting

Would you like to know how to effectively communicate with Congress and get your voice heard?  Do you fully understand the War on Terror?  Do you understand the changing political landscape in America?    If these subjects are of interest to you, then you will not want to miss our next meeting with Mr. Kenneth E. Brooten, Jr..

He is an Internationally recognized expert on Terrorism and Counter Terrorism.  As a former Chief Counsel and Special Counsel to the United States Congress he can provide a unique insight into the Halls of Congress, and the back rooms where deals are made.   

Mr. Brooten is currently Trial Counsel in the United States for Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom.  In October, 2010 he will be presenting at an International Security Symposium in Las Vegas on his research: The Enemy Within: The Rise of Radical Islam in State and Federal Prisons. 

Mr. Brooten has authored 2 books and more than 300 articles and  professional papers.

He is not a political candidate and will not be running for any office.   But he will take questions and his answers might help you make better choices when you pick a candidate.

Next Tea Party Meeting: March 15, 2010, AG Center, Hw 90 W, 6:00 PM.

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