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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Randy Hatch, Candidate for State Commissioner of Agriculture Drives His Tractor Thru Jackson County

Candidate is driving his tractor from Suwannee to Pensacola this week

By Sid Riley

Randy Hatch of Branford, Florida in Suwannee County has a hard row to plow as he competes against a full field of candidates who are running for the position of Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. He has three other Democrats competing for the position who he must beat in the primary elections, then he has to beat the Republican candidate in the November balloting. A seasoned veteran of the Florida political scene, farmer, and seventh of nine generations of native Floridians, and graduate of the University of Florida, Hatch is optimistic about his chances to win.

Randy and his wife Linda came into Marianna about 10:30 Saturday morning, Randy on his trusty farm tractor, and Linda following in the family car. They parked in front of the Jackson County Court House, and visited with local people for a few hours.

In order to meet as many people as possible, to gain some attention from the media, and hopefully to win as many voters as possible, Hatch has embarked on a state wide tractor tour. He will accomplish this feat over the coming months in several trips, all emanating from his home in Branford (population 650). During this process he will visit all sixty-seven counties in the state, including Key West….all on his tractor. “I rode a farm tractor into politics, and now I plan to drive it to the Governor’s Cabinet,” Hatch exclaims with a grin.

Randy worked under the direction of our local Lt. Governor, Wayne Mixon, for many years, working to develop legislation to aid state farmers. In the late 1970’s Hatch led a caravan of farmers to Washington, D.C., in an organized protest over the plight of the family farmer in the conditions which existed at that time.

Hatch is a former President of the Florida Association of Counties, Past Chairman of the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council, a Charter Member of the State Water Policy Board, along with participation on numerous other important commissions and panels. He calls himself a social moderate and a fiscal conservative. He champions local control over local issues, and “Home Rule” authority. He is also owner of an agribusiness enterprise which provides valuable experience as a business operator.

After eating lunch, and visiting in the area…Randy cranked up his trusty tractor and sped away to the West, on his way to Pensacola.

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