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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

“Partnerships With Education” Essay Winners are Announced

Program links area businesses with classroom activities. By Sid Riley

At Thursday’s workshop meeting of the Jackson County School Board, Superintendent Lee Miller and Jackson County times Editor, Stephanie Parker, awarded certificates of achievement and prize checks of $50 each to the six school winners, and an extra check of $100 to the first place overall winner. This Partnerships essay series was for entries produced by students in grades 6-8, in all five county schools, plus home school students.

The winners were:

Grand Ridge School = Hannah Pearson
Malone Middle School = Diamond Sherrod
Cottondale Middle School = Alex Lamb
Graceville Middle School = Luis Martinez
Marianna Middle School = Brianna Godwin
Home School Students = Anna Smith

Grand Prize Winner… Alex Lamb of Cottondale Middle School for poem “Electric Bill”.

This entry was judged the overall winner because it was well written, was about a timely subject, and was entertaining. Our congratulations to Alex for his creativity, our thanks also is extended to all students who participated, the Jackson County School Board, all involved faculty members, and to those civic minded businesses who helped sponsor the contest. The grand prize winning entry is presented below:

Electric Bill

By Alex Lamb
The lights are off
The thermostat is on sixty
This we do to conserve electricity
Prices go up
Income goes down
I opened my electric bill
with a big frown
I scream, I holler
I throw myself on the ground
Until a solution to my dilemma is found
I have two kidneys
I can sell one
But after next month’s bill
I will have none.

By Alex Lamb
Age: 13
Favorite Subject: History
Why I Wrote this Poem: I thought the subject was funny.
Son of: James and Kim Lamb

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