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Friday, May 14, 2010

Edward Crutchfield, District 2 Commissioner

Edward Crutchfield is seeking his second term as the District 2 Commissioner.

He is the son of Jim and Lucille Crutchfield, lifelong residents of the Graceville area. Edward Crutchfield was born in Graceville some 64 years ago. He attended Graceville High School, and graduated in the class of 1967. After school he entered the labor force working at several jobs until he finally ended up working in the propane gas business in Graceville. He worked there for several years before he finally started his own business in 1986.
He founded Crutchfield Services, a local company which provides Air Conditioning-Electrical- and Propane Gas installation and maintenance services. He has now been self employed in private business for twenty four years.
He and his wife Madelyn have four children, two boys and two girls. Three of their children reside in Jackson County. They also have six enjoyable grandchildren.
“I decided to run for County Commissioner in 2006 because I felt I could help the people of District 2. I have always enjoyed dealing with other people’s air conditioning and electrical problems in business, and I felt it would be the same to help people deal with their government related problems. I have truly enjoyed serving during the past four years, and hope to be allowed to continue to serve,” Crutchfield stated.

Statement to Voters of District Two
“The four years of this term have passed very quickly. It seems only a few weeks ago I was elected County Commissioner for District 2, and began to serve my fellow residents. Since my term is about to end, it also means that I have owned and operated my successful business for twenty four years, and have enjoyed four years of working on behalf of the voters of District 2, and working with my fellow Commissioners in managing the business of Jackson County.
When I ran for this office in 2006 I promised to address all problems brought to me by District 2 residents on a timely basis. I feel I have always kept that promise. If I am reelected I will continue to be responsive at all times. I have enjoyed the opportunity to listen to people’s problems and concerns, to ask questions, and to often visit sites where problems exist in order to provide the needed assistance to the residents. Occasionally the outcome might not be exactly what the person wanted, but I have always and will continue to vote my conscience in an honest, sincere manner when it involves our county’s interest.
I also want to thank the citizens of Jackson County for the privilege granted to me by allowing me to serve as the Commissioner for District 2. I am a hard working, honest, and dependable person who has not allowed this job to change me. It is not about me….It is about you!.
I will sincerely appreciate your continuing support in the upcoming elections.”
- Edward Crutchfield

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