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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Judicial Nominating Commission To Pick New Judge: 24 names under consideration

By Sid Riley

Judge Richard Albritton of the fourteenth circuit recently resigned due to health problems. His effective date of retirement was March 31. This action initiated the process of choosing a replacement for him. The Judicial Nominating Commission prepares a list of eligible candidates to the Governor for consideration. The Commission has sixty days in which to review the candidates and make recommendations of no more than six or fewer than three from the list. The Governor then has another sixty days in which to pick the new judge from that shortened list.
Applicants to be considered by the commission, prior to submission to the governor, are
Clifford Taylor, Nancy Jones Gaglio, Larry Basford, J. David House, Jacqueline Hightower Smith, John L. Fishel II, Brandon J. Young, Dustin Stephenson, Robert A. Pell, Michael Jay Hauversburk, Shonna Young Gay, William S. Henry, Brian L. Hill, Shalene Grover, Denise Rowan, Barbara Jean Throne, Maria I. Dykes, Timothy H. Wells, Grant A. Spitzer, David C. Johnson, Shannon C. Lord, Kelly M. Roberson, Sher L. Allan, Quentin Broxton.

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