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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet Commission Chairman Jeremy Branch

Jeremy Branch and his family have been a vital part of the Shady Grove-Grand Ridge communities for generations. Jeremy was born in Marianna twenty seven years ago, and has always lived in Jackson County. He is the son of Donnie Branch, a career law enforcement officer and current Chief Deputy with the JCSO, and Debbie Branch, a career nurse.
Jeremy graduated from Grand Ridge High School in 2001, and subsequently graduated from Chipola. Since then he has been taking courses at FSU as his schedule allowed, and currently has a Senior standing there. He was also a small business owner, in a partnership in a land clearing business prior to winning the District 4 seat in the elections of 2006. When he became a Commissioner he sold his portion of the business to enable him to have more time to serve as a full time Commissioner. He currently is serving as Chairman of the Commission.
Jeremy is proud of the accomplishments of the Board of Commissioners during his time in office. Some of the points which he feels should be important to the voters of District 4 as they vote this year are:
● He has never voted for a single tax or fee increase.
● While he has been the Commissioner for District 4, over $6,000,000 has been spent on road projects within the district.
● New boat ramps were constructed at Ocheessee Pond and Compass Lake during his term.
● New business were located in the county, supported by Board actions. These created some 650 new jobs in the county, and resulted in our county having the second lowest unemployment in the state.
● Worked actively with community leaders and legislative delegation to save the 600 jobs at ACI when they were threatened by potential legislative action.
● He has fought for increased funding for law enforcement and for fire/rescue operations.
● He has actively supported actions which have expanded and improved county parks.
● He has successfully increased oversight of funds at Compass Lake in the Hills.
● He has actively lobbied the legislature for increased funding for library operations.
● He has worked aggressively to represent our interests by serving on committees to protect our water in the Apalachicola River and Lake Seminole.
● He has called for a financial health analysis for the county.
● He has supported efforts to create term limits for appointees to boards and committees by the Commission.
● He has presented motions to the Commission for cutting the county utility franchise fees by 50% to help relieve burden on tax payers.
● He advocates fiscal responsibility, improved roads, improved law enforcement, and improved fire protection.

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