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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Sign Ordinance Argument In Marianna

City Commission denies sign ordinance variance for $6000 sign purchased by Trinity Providence Church of Faith on Orange Street

By Sid Riley
The code says it should be only twenty four square feet and the beautiful new sign is 32 square feet…..so it has to go…says Commissioners Donofro, Milton, and Clay. “This is a bad ordinance and we need to meet quickly and correct the inadequacies.” Says Commissioners Roberts and Wise. Thus by a vote of 3-2 the Commission denied the pleas of the Church representatives.
“Trust your hearts, Glorify the Lord, this sign glorifies the Lord,’ were the pleas of Assistant Pastor Eric Robinson.
“How can you sit there and give consideration to allowing liquor sales on Sunday, while you force the Church to foolishly throw away $6000 which was meant to serve the work of the Lord”, asked Pastor Roy Crawley. “This sign is also a memorial to an ailing founder of the church, and now it is going to be lost,” the pastor related sadly.
“I think we have a good ordinance, and I have always defended it and I will continue to defend it,” stated a defiant Mayor Paul Donofro.
Commissioners Clay and Milton stated that they felt obligated to deny the variance since similar requests had been denied by them for UPS, Zaxby’s, Florida Land Title, Milsap’s Dance Studio, and others. Thus the variance request was denied by the usual 3-2 vote, and another battle was lost by citizens coming to the board for leniency.
There was one bright spot however, the group did agree to a May 27 workshop on the sign ordinance, to begin at 3:30 PM. The public and business community is urged to attend and take part.

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