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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Noah McArthur…Doing Something Special

Actions of 10 year old stand as an example for us all.
By Sid Riley

Humble, quiet, timid, friendly, kind hearted ….and “special”. All of those words are appropriate adjectives for describing Noah McArthur, a 10 year old who is already “Making a Difference”. We were honored to have him visit the TIMES on Tuesday.
In this world where we are constantly bombarded with story after story of evil, cruel, greedy, immoral, and inconsiderate acts displayed in newspapers, radio, and television, it is heartwarming to occasionally encounter a story which displays the inherent goodness of man’s soul. If we take time to seek them out, there are adequate examples of the true spirit of Man, but in today’s world it seems the bad greatly outnumber the good.
There is the example of Father Damien de Veuster, the Leper Priest of Molokai Hawaii, who lived, treated, and ministered in a Leper colony and finally died a leper himself. There is Mahatma Gandhi, who exemplified the concept of non-violent dissent later adopted by Martin Luther King, as he struggled to gain independence from English rule for an independent India. He also elevated the bottom caste in the Indian society, the “untouchables” changing their title to “Gods children”.
There is the example of the Catholic nun, Mother Teresa who lived among the world’s most severe abject poverty stricken peoples in India to provide care and ministry in their suffering. She founded the “Missions of Charity” as a Catholic order which is devoted to helping the very poor across the world. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978 for her lifetime of giving to others.
Admittedly, little 10 year old Noah McArthur has not yet risen to the plane of these noble examples of humanitarianism. However, from the perspective from which he has begun, he is certainly off to a good start. Last week Noah was awarded the prestigious national award, the “Medal of Merit” by Governor Charlie Crist. This medal is awarded to Boy Scouts who have performed an act of meritorious service far beyond expectations for a Scout. Only 1,546 of these awards had been given since it was begun over a hundred years ago. 1,547 have now been awarded, since Noah earned his last week.
Noah was only four when he decided he wanted to do something special to help poor children at Christmas. He began collecting aluminum cans and selling them throughout the year in order to accumulate a pool of money which he could use to help some needy child. Local schools helped him select a deserving child, and at Christmas for the past six years he has made some child in Jackson County very happy at Christmas.
Noah is a member of Webelos Cub Scouts Pack 170, which is led by Mary Ann Hutton of Marianna. The local organization submitted Noah’s accomplishments to the national Scouting organization for consideration, and after a lengthy, four month process his project was determined to be worthy of the medal.
“Governor Crist was very friendly and gracious. We only had a fifteen minute appointment, but he took well over thirty minutes to talk with Noah,” Noah’s proud mother, Jacqueline stated. “He was very personable, and put us all at ease.”
The size of the fund which Noah has been able to accumulate has varied as the pricing for aluminum metal has changed. It has varied from a high of $ .80 per pound to a current level of $ 30 per pound over the six years Noah has been collecting, but this year more people are contributing their cans to Noah, so this year’s fund is doing well. Eventually, Noah hopes to create a fund which will be large enough to help several needy children each year.
During the interview Noah was asked what made him feel the happiest at Christmas, giving his gifts to a needy boy or girl …or getting Christmas gifts himself. With a shy smile, he said, “Giving is the best”.
If you would like to help Noah help others….save your aluminum cans and call Noah at 557-6130, or drop your cans at one of the deposit stations Noah has stationed at strategic locations.

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  1. You could not ever find a truer Scout, friend, wonderful young man & family if you searched your entire lifetime. I urge everyone to please help this young man collect cans for his CAN-paign, not only does it help the environment but it helps a child that might not of had a Christmas if this angel had not been so willing to work hard to make it so. So instead of throwing away that can after you enjoyed your soda, enjoy life to it's fullest by giving those cans to Noah and know that it is going for a very good cause.