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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet William Nelson

I am a lifelong resident of Jackson County, all of which has been in District Four. All 6 of my children and my 6 grandchildren live here and that is one of the things that has motivated me to try and help the citizens of this County. I am 54 years old and a 1973 graduate of Sneads High School and received my career training at Chipola Jr. College.
I served 23 years in law enforcement and corrections, 14 years as Chief of Police in Sneads. I also served on the Sneads Town council as councilman. I was able to help acquire funding to purchase the vehicle and equipment for a rescue truck for this side of the County, and with help of dedicated members of the volunteer fire department and their families, we raised funds to purchase the Jaws of Life.
I wrote and administered a grant for the Adam Tucker Wilson Youth Park, I also wrote and administered a COPS FAST grant to hire a full time School Resource Officer; The first municipal police department school resource officer in Jackson County.
Briefly one of my main goals for my hometown of Sneads is to work with the town council to acquire more of the old dairy property and construct a state of the art RV Park and Recreation area. We can construct fully equipped RV sites with water, sewer, electric, and cable. We can also construct a multipurpose building that not only can the park guest use but other citizens as well. We can have checker tournaments, horseshoe tournaments, baseball and softball tournaments and we can petition to be sanctioned in the National Bass Masters Bass tournaments. This can produce a national draw to our part of the county.
RV travelers bring a lot of revenue into a community such as: purchasing groceries, supplies, fishing supplies, they have to get haircuts, eat out, and they attended church. I feel this is a clean safe investment that will greatly improve our economy.
To enhance that even further I feel the Town should seek to acquire Three Rivers Park. By combining the two we can build a road through the woods from Sneads Park to Three Rivers for walking/cycling, and golf cart trail. While there they can rest and play before they start their journey back. RV’ers that want a more secluded area to park can use the existing sites at Three Rivers. This would help generate more attention to the park and eliminate any further fear of closing of Three Rivers.
As far as the other areas of District Four, I will listen to the people to see what they would like done to enhance the area in which they live. I have visited the southern part of District Four and they need a lot of help. I am willing to do just that. There is a tremendous road problem in the southern end of District Four that will be addressed.
I believe that the board of Commissioners should work together as a team for all of Jackson County and not a particular part of Jackson County. There are a lot of other issues that I will bring to the table if elected. I will work closely with the Sheriff during the next fiscal year in obtaining better pay for our Deputies. I have a problem with Jackson County being in the bottom of the pay scale for our law enforcement officers.
I will have the commission meetings televised on Chipola College TV for those who cannot attend the meetings and a video recording which will be available should anyone request one.
These are just a few of the ideas I have that, in my opinion, will help our county make progress. Please consider electing William Nelson your next County Commissioner. If you have any question please call me at 593-5005.

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