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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea Party Speaker Wins Crowd Approval

Black student conservative, Jerome Hudson, “wows” the tea party audience

By Sid Riley

The crowds keep on getting bigger and bigger, and the programs get better and better. A crowd of over 300 “Concerned American Patriots” gathered at the Highway 90 W. Ag Center for the monthly meeting of the organization. This month’s featured speaker was Jerome Hudson, a twenty-four year old, black, conservative, author of “The Life of a Young Black Conservative”, and intern with WFLA-FM Talk Radio in Tallahassee.

Jerome began with an overview of the history of the black citizens of America, beginning with the era of horrible slavery, the civil war, the post civil war era, Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, the Lyndon Johnson entitlements programs, and the situation in today’s society. He lauded the initial steps towards freedom and equality of the races. He spoke highly of the high moral standards of non violence enforced by Martin Luther King. But, he denounced the beginning of an “entitlement attitude” in the black society which has destroyed the initiative to excel, caused the demise of the black family structure, enhanced a culture of drugs and crime, and created an amoral approach to life in which over 40% of our children are born out of wedlock. “While pretending to be concerned about the well being of the black population, our political organizations have used entitlement programs as a means to buy the black vote. It is really against our long term self interest to allow this to continue,” he said.

He reminded that the soul of the black population involves strong love of family and a strong belief in Christianity. He stated that we must move beyond the petty differences of race and focus on the real problems our nation is facing. “We must return to our basic Christian beliefs, a moral approach to life, and a patriotic belief in America,” he said to an applauding crowd. “Sunday is the most segregated day of the week in America, and it should not be that way, since we share the same God.”

Hudson reminded the audience that the Constitution is based on the Bible more than any other source of reference. “God is mentioned 23 times in the Constitution,” he said. “We must return religion to our government, our schools, and our society. I am a black conservative because of my strong belief in Christ, and an appreciation of America and what it stands for.

When Hudson completed his presentation the crowd rose to express their approval and appreciation for his effort by giving him a resounding standing ovation.

After the speaker finished, Elaine Thompson, the organization leader, invited Representative Marti Coley to come to the podium to give an overview of the legislative session which has just ended. “We were able to balance a $40.1 Billion dollar budget, without raising taxes or any fees,” and we are proud of that. We were also able to maintain the amount of funding per student in the schools, and that was very important. However, due to reduced revenues we were forced to reduce or eliminate numerous programs. Many of these were in the area of social welfare,” Coley explained.

In total, the meeting provided the audience an hour filled with stirring rhetoric, issues to ponder, and valuable information to digest. It was time well spent as we approach our opportunity to vote this fall.

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