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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tea Party Meeting Is Another Success

The “Concerned American Patriots” , which is the acquired name for the local “Tea Party” movement organization held their June meeting on Monday evening at the agricultural center. Over 200 Jackson County citizens came to hear Westville preacher, Reverend Eddie Eaton speak. Eaton was recently part of a delegation of 120 clergy which were invited to Washington, D.C..

Eaton, who is a history buff, a student of the Constitution, and an active proponent for restoration of Christian values in our society, our schools, and our governments, described his experiences on the trip. He detailed how the group was touring the Capital rotunda and looking at the art murals which adorn the huge walls of the room (most of which are of religious nature), when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi walked into the area. When the group saw her, they immediately began singing “God Bless America” as she defiantly walked across the room and left.

Eaton told of how the delegation of Christian legislators organization, Wallbuilders, (which only has 40 members), related the story of how President Obama had treated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel when he visited Washington a few weeks ago. First, he was the first head of state for any nation to not be met by a formal Presidential delegation. Instead he was met only by the group of Christian legislators. Then when the President did meet with the Prime Minister he did not shake his hand, and he tersely told him what actions he expected Israel to take and not to take in the coming months.

Eaton also said that the legislators asked them to all return home and contact as many fellow ministers as possible and enlist them to begin an active campaign to influence the upcoming elections as much as possible. He said they want all ministers to identify candidates who will stand for Christian principles in government. He stressed the importance of these elections to the future of America.

After Eaton finished his address, Circuit Judge candidate, Mike Reiter spoke to the group. He related his belief that not only the legislative elements of our government must be reformed, the Judicial branch is of equal need.

He was followed by David Scholl, who is seeking the Republican nomination for the House of Representatives. He expressed his appreciation for the crowd’s interest in the political process, and proclaimed his belief in conservative, Christian principles.

The final part of the program was a question and answer period in which two candidates responded to submitted questions. These were Edward Crutchfield, and Clint Pate who are vying for the District Two County Commission seat.

It was an enlightening and inspiring evening of political involvement at the “grass roots” level.

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