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Friday, July 30, 2010

Compass Lake In The Hills Budget Approved

During a special meeting of the County Commission on Tuesday, the Commissioners approved an $892,847 budget for Compass Lake in the Hills Property Owners Association.

POA Manager John Laymon, and Dr. Jim Gibbs, a Board member for the POA Association were at the meeting representing the POA. They both voiced their agreement and acceptance of the budget as conceived by the Commissioners.

The budget provides the following funding:

MSTU Roads and Bridges $202,817

MSTU Fire and Rescue $ 61,575

MSTU Parks and Recreation $242,647

MSTU Security $ 8,314

Commissioner branch stated that the MSTU reserve fund is growing steadily, and that he hoped that in the future enough funds will exist in this reserve to begin paving some of the key roads in the subdivision.

A consultant has been engaged at a cost of $5000 to prepare a report on how the Compass Lake MSTU compares with other MSTU arrangements in the state. The report will examine areas of need, compliance with laws, and recommendations for improvements. Work has begun on this analysis.

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