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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marianna May Build Area’s First “Round-A-Bout” Style Intersection

By Sid Riley

At Monday’s regular meeting of the Marianna City Commission a proposal was presented by City Manager Jim Dean to construct a European style circular, continuous flow intersection at the intersection of Clinton Street and Madison, as a component of the new downtown Madison Street Park.

Dean gave the Commissioners an estimated cost of $29,000, but Commissioner Paul Donofro requested a more exact accounting of costs before a vote is taken on the modification to existing plans. Chamber President Art Kimbrough who was in attendance made the remark that in suggestions made to the TDC by state tourism experts, the addition of unique features within the local infrastructure would add to the overall image presented to visiting tourist. “It makes us unique and not just another sleepy little town,” Kimbrough stated.

The matter will be considered at next month’s meeting.

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