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Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Alcohol Sales on Sunday in Greenwood

For Greenwood, the crowd of citizens who came to speak out against the proposed change which would have allowed alcohol sales in local stores on Sundays, was a record crowd. Seventeen people came to the meeting, with fifteen against the proposed change, and only two in favor. Council member Randy Waltz had presented the proposal to the City Council for consideration. He was supported in the effort by Mayor Charles Sanders.

The motion was defeated 2-1 when Council Members Mamie Vann and Kathryn Mickle both voted “No”.

There are only two remaining retail stores in Greenwood where alcohol products can be purchased, and the operators of both businesses pled for the council to pass the motion. They argued that if the motion is denied, citizens will only drive to Marianna or to Alabama to make their purchase, thus causing the City of Greenwood and Greenwood based businesses to lose that income.

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