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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Please Support the "Pennies For Pencils” Program

By Sid Riley

Grammar school teachers often face a difficult situation. Beautiful, innocent little children are just entering the school system. For most of them it is their first experience away from the apron strings and protection of their Mom, and their first real social experience away from home.

It is important that these initial experiences are as positive and fulfilling as possible.

Many come from homes where the family just can not afford the costs of purchasing the new student the basic school supplies which they need to be on par at this important beginning point with more fortunate students. Usually, the teacher discretely purchases the needed items for these students from her/his own income.

Meeting this need is the purpose of the “Pennies for Pencils” program. The program is starting this week, and the goal is to raise at least $2000 during the coming eight weeks. This money will be distributed to the principals and grammar school teachers at every grade school in the county. This includes private and public schools.

Collection canisters will be placed near the cash register at many retail establishments throughout the county. We ask you to generously drop your change and perhaps a little extra into the jar as you check out of the store. You will be making some eager, young child very happy.

Each week of this program a page will be dedicated to promoting “Pennies for Pencils” as the fund grows. The sponsors on this page have all generously donated to the program. Each week the page will have feature stories on some of these sponsors, as well as a story about one of the grammar schools of Jackson County.

We hope you will take an interest in this worthwhile effort…..and help all you can!

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