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Friday, August 6, 2010

Curtis Richardson

Curtis Richardson has deep roots ingrained in the Florida Panhandle region. He grew up in rural North Florida in a Christian home under the guidance of parents who believed in hard work and earning one’s way in life. He attended Florida State University, and while there developed a deep commitment and passion for education and public service. After graduating from FSU he would obtain a degree from the University of West Florida.He is a 36 year resident of Tallahassee where he lives with his wife Nina and two daughters who attend public school.

Because of these commitments, after graduation he worked and served at many levels of the educational systems of Florida, including the Gadsden County School District, the state Dept. of Education, and even the Governor’s office as an aide to the late Governor Lawton Chiles. This exposure led to his election to the Leon County School Board, where he served two years as Chairman. Because of this “hands on” exposure to the educational processes in the State, he is dedicated to supporting and improving education for Florida’s children. He feels he can accomplish this more effectively after he is elected to the State Senate.

Curtis Richardson was next elected to the office of State Representative, District 8,and served for 8 years until he was term-limited in 2008. During his tenure in the Housee he worked actively for education policy and reforms. He was also on the important state committee which works to enhance jobs creation and industrial development for Florida. He worked to bring healthcare services to is consituents and was instrumental in helping to secure funding funding fofr the new Jackson County Health Department. He has been a friend to Jackson County for many years and has helped many Jackson County residents with issues facing them and their families.Curtis was effective in working with Democrats and Republicans to pass many state-wide and local bills and obtained millions of dollars in funding for local projects in the district. The experience gained from this work will be invaluable to him as a Senator.

Curtis Richardson has received strong endorsements from the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Florida Professional Firefighters (FPF), Retirees, Police Benevolent Association (PBA), Florida Education Association (FEA), Corrections USA (CUSA) and Social Workers(NASW-FL) . He wants to continue to be a voice for North Florida in the legislature and continue the effective leadership we have come to expect.

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