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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Democrats Host Annual “Blues and Boots” Fund Raiser

Several notable State candidates attend Jackson County event.

Good ole Amos Morris cooked bar-b-q, sauces a la Sheriff Johnny McDaniel, great music by the duo of Royce Reagan and Richard Hinson III, and inspirational political speeches by a covey of Democratic candidates. That combination was all it took to draw a sizable crowd to the Highway 90 Agricultural Center on Thursday evening.

The array of speakers was first introduced by local Democratic Chairperson Judy Mount of Malone. Curtis Richardson, who was just defeated in his bid to run for the State Senate seat vacated by Al Lawson, led off with an overview of the upcoming election and the challenges before the Democratic Party in the State of Florida. He blasted Rick Scott, Republican candidate for Governor and said it is imperative that the Democratic candidate, Alex Sink win. He blasted the Republican leadership for the sad economic conditions in Florida, the just passed septic tank legislation, the impact of special interest on legislation, the fact that Florida is for the first time losing population. “The only solution to these problems is the election of Democrats,” Richardson explained.

Next came Loranne Ausley, the perky ex-state representative from Leon County who is running hard against the former Speaker of the House, Republican Jeff Attwatter for the position of State Chief Financial Officer. This position was vacated by Alex Sink when she began her campaign for Governor.

Ausley bemoaned the fact that the Republicans have controlled State government in Florida for over twelve years. She was quick to remind the audience of the Blackwater Prison “special deal” which resulted in an unneeded $110 million dollar prison being built, and her opponent, Jeff Atwater’s involvement in this escapade.

She also reminded everyone that it was the Republican controlled legislature which passed the horrific septic tank law which poses the possibility of costing rural area property owners thousands of dollars. She also brought up the steep increases in vehicle license fees and all other fees at the court houses across the state. She encouraged every Democrat to get out and vote to rout out the Republicans. She ended with the familiar chant “Yes We Can! Yes We Can!”

Wallace Haber received a special award for the work he has done for the local Democratic effort. He briefly discussed the upcoming amendments and advised the crowd on how to vote.

Scott Maddox who is running for the office of Commissioner of Agriculture was the next speaker. He gave an inspirational talk on the importance of Agriculture to Florida, and the need for Democratic control of the function in order to properly protect the interest of the family farmer. He ended by reminding everyone that politics is similar to the gears on a car. “You Put it in ‘R’ to go backward….and put it in ‘D’ to go forward!”

Then Alan Boyd took the podium. Boyd reminded everyone of the Clinton era when the country had several years of a balanced budget, and even began to retire a portion of the debt. “Since the Republicans gained control in 2001 we have been going backwards,” Boyd proclaimed. We can not go back to that. We must be sure the Democrats retain control of the House and the Senate! We must have a huge Democratic turnout!”

Boyd was followed by Rod Smith, the running mate for Alex Sink, who would fill the Lt. Governor position. “Alex Sink recognizes the importance of North Florida”, he proclaimed. “Now is the time to change the direction of politics in Florida. Alex Sink has worked long and hard to reach the opportunity she now has. She deserves to be the next Governor of Florida!” He described how her opponent Rick Scott has pledged to cut taxes by 20%. That cannot be done and still allow the state to deliver needed programs and services, he stated emphatically.

The final speaker of the evening was David Pleat, the Democratic candidate who is running against Republican Marti Coley. He described how Coley is “rubber stamping” everything that the Republican leadership asks for. Pleat stated that Coley had voted in favor of allowing off shore drilling in Florida up to the three mile limit, and how she had voted for the changes in teacher’s tenure and evaluation processes, against the wishes of the teacher’s union.

Pleat has the backings of many of the state unions, including the teachers union. He asked for the Democrats in Jackson County to get out and go to the polls and take part in this mid-term election….or the Republicans will prevail.

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