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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crossroads of Time

Marianna is a town steeped in history, crossed and crisscrossed by time. Because he is a person fascinated by history, Lionel Young will be portraying Capt. Henry O. Bassett during the Battle of Marianna re-enacted on September 25 of this year. Capt. Bassett, prior to being a member of Company E, 6th Florida Infantry, had been a Jackson County Sheriff. He was home on medical leave in 1864 when the battle took place.

1864 was a terrible time in America. Families were divided by the war. It had been rumored the Union, coming from Pensacola, was going to attack Marianna. A message was received the Union was fifteen miles to the northwest, coming down the road. Church bells began to sound the alarm and men gathered to defend the town, sending their families out of town in wagons. Capt. Bassett offered his services.

Also responding were John and William Austin. John was in the home guard under Capt. Norwood and William was in Company C, 1st Florida Infantry, under Capt. Poe. The Austin men would have known and fought beside Capt. Bassett.

Historical records show Capt. Bassett was killed during the battle, John Austin was captured and later died in prison on Ship Island off Mississippi, William Austin survived then later fought at the Battle of Natural Bridge. After hostilities ceased, William returned home to civilian life.

Records also show John and William Austin are Lionel Young’s first cousins four times removed. They are relatives crisscrossing in time.

Come to the re-enactment of The Battle of Marianna, downtown on Saturday morning, September 25 and the North Florida Raids, Saturday and Sunday afternoons at Citizen’s Lodge. You may get a glimpse of your relatives while history is relived.

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