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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Republicans Host Panel of Dignitaries at Monthly Meeting

At their regular monthly meeting at Jim’s Buffet and Grill, the Northwest Florida Republican Club featured a panel of active republican candidates. These included Marti Coley, candidate for State Representative, Clint Pate, candidate of County Commission, and Don Brown, former State Representative who was there speaking on behalf of Marco Rubio, candidate for U.S. Senate. A telephone contact using a speakerphone enabled the attendees to hear an address from Lt. Governor candidate Jennifer Carroll, who is the running mate of Rick Scott.

Marti Coley was first to speak. She pledged to uphold her basic conservative values which include small government, low taxation, anti-abortion, and constitutional guidance. She stated that she felt some meaningful tort reforms
could be realized at the next session, and pledged full attention to that effort if she is reelected. She also stated that she plans to introduce legislation to repeal the septic tank provisions in the Springs Bill…the moment the session begins.

Clint Pate thanked everyone for their support. He needs volunteers to help him in an upcoming fish fry, to put out signs, to call voters, and to help in the administration of his effort. If elected, Pate would be the first Republican to ever be voted Commissioner in Jackson County. “If we crack that barrier now…others will follow,” Pate stated.

Then former Representative Don Brown spoke on behalf of Mario Rubio. He discussed Rubio’s vision of an improved America. He is dedicated to creating a nation that will continue to prosper and grow, leaving future generations with something even better than what we enjoy today. “Rubio believes we are currently heading in the wrong direction,” Brown stated.

Then Brown blasted Governor Charlie Crist. “Crist has a degree in Demigodry. He will bend which ever way the wind is blowing on any given day,” Brown stated. “At least with the Democratic opponents you can tell which dart board they are throwing at. With Crist, you never know which dart board he is using. He has abandoned the Republican Party and is now busy hugging Obama.”

In her telephone address, Jennifer Carroll, stressed the importance of not allowing the Democrats to take over the Governorship in Florida. She described the management capabilities of Rick Scott, his dedication to conservative principles, and their intent to create an environment in Florida which will encourage businesses to locate here. “They will not come now because of the high levels of regulation and taxation,” she stated.

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