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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time for Another Cup of Tea

“Concerned American Patriots” to hold monthly meeting on Monday, September 20 By: Sid Riley

At 6:00 PM on Monday September 20 at the Ag Center on Highway 90, conservatives from both parties will assemble to hear candidates pledge their future actions, to discuss issues of importance, and to prepare for an election in November which is now only a few weeks away. You are invited to come, listen, and participate.

Democratic candidate for State Representative, David Pleat will be there to face off with incumbent Republican, Marti Coley. This “face to face” encounter should be very interesting, and should help attendees make their choice.

Brad Drake, who is unopposed in this election, will also make a few remarks. Superintendent of Schools will discuss the two amendments which will be on the ballot which involve state Schools. He will also discuss the vote needed to continue the .25 mil school tax.

Elaine Thompson will provide an overview of the other amendments on the ballot. A petition will be passed to demonstrate local opposition to the new septic tank law which threatens to cost rural property owners thousands of dollars, as government regulation is increased.

A tea party member from the Pensacola organization will speak on an issue which has been under discussion in their group, the H.R. 3524 CLEAR Act. This is a hastily conceived bill which is being ushered through the House as a pretended response to the BP oil spill, even though it does nothing to prevent future spills. It will raise taxes on off shore production of oil and gas by some $22 billion per year, creating a fund which can be used for earmarks. We need to learn more about this issue.

So, for an action filled hour of political discourse and exposure to issues of our day….plan to come have a cup of tea with everyone at the Ag Center on Monday evening.

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