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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vivian Ford Murdered In Home Invasion

Well known and respected local school board administrator and homemaker is murdered in home invasion near Malone.
The tragedy apparently began Saturday afternoon when John Lincoln of Malone and King Sherman of Greenwood arrived with evil intent at the rural Ford home near Malone. It is believed that they had burglarized another home on Bates Road near Greenwood a few hours earlier. They had apparently previously identified the Ford home as a target, since their vehicle, a grey pick up truck, had been seen in the area the day before.
According to Sheriff Lou Roberts, after John Lincoln was arrested later in the day, during interrogation he volunteered information which described how the incident at the Ford home had occurred. The duo reportedly approached the home with the intent to commit another burglary. They knocked on the front door several times before it was finally answered by Vivian Ford.
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