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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well Known Jackson Resident, Zack Morgan, Is Murdered Near Quincy

The Morgan family has been well recognized through the years as one of the outstanding families in Jackson County. The Morgan’s were a Christian family of seventeen living children, all of which graduated from high school, many from college. All are hard working, productive, loving, and sharing members of our community.

Now one of this close knit clan has been senselessly murdered in a corn field near Quincy on Saturday. He was only 58 years old.

Accounts of the incident relate that Morgan and a friend, Sean Neel, traveled to Quincy to meet a resident there for the purpose of buying some corn which was to be used for hunting. The Quincy man they met to get the corn from was Marcus Cannon, who had an associate with him named Anton McMillan. The four men traveled to a designated corn field in Morgan’s truck, with Morgan and Neel in the front seat, and the two Quincy men sitting in back.

Apparently, when they reached the field, Cannon stabbed Neel. As Neel tried to escape his assailant by opening the door, Morgan accelerated the truck, causing Neel to be thrown from the vehicle. He then ran to a nearby house to get help.

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