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Thursday, January 13, 2011

MSBU or MSTU? “A Rose is Still A Rose….”

At Tuesday’s meeting of the County Commission, Heather Encinosa, an attorney with the Tallahassee based law firm of Nabors, Giblin, & Nickerson addressed the board in regards to the proposed change in designation of the Compass Lake in the Hills development, from the current designation as a Municipal Services Taxing Unit to a Municipal Services Benefits Unit. The firm was retained as consulting experts on this subject for examination and guidance to the Commission in management of the Compass Lake in the Hills development. Ms. Encinosa explained that when the MSTU was created in 1984 that designation was the only procedure used in establishing special taxing areas within a county’s jurisdiction. However, as time passed and issues and court rulings were made, the designation MSBU has also come into use.
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