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Friday, March 4, 2011

City Elections Breakdown

April 12 is the elections date for most county municipalities. The breakdown is as follows:
Cottondale (No election required)
City Commissioners = James Elmore, Curtis Benefield, Mark Drummond.
Graceville (No election required)
City Commissioners returning = David Horton, Arthur Obar, Tommy Williams
Grand Ridge (Election April 12) – Seat Two = Ronnie Durden (unopposed),
Seat One = Donald Barbee Vs. Jim Neel, Mayor, Chris Wright Vs. Wayne Edenfield.
Marianna (Election April 12) – District Four = Rico Williams Vs. Loretha Brown,
Jim Wise (unopposed), Paul Donofro (unopposed)
Sneads (Election April 12) – Group Three = Wayne McClamma Vs. Jimmy Wright,
Group Four = Sammy McAlpin Vs. Mike Weeks,
Group Five = Helen Grice Vs. Butch Edwards Vs. Patricia Lindahl Vs. Paula Stone
Bascom, Jacob, Malone, and Campbellton will hold elections later this year.
Greenwood and Alford will not hold elections this year.

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