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Friday, March 4, 2011


It has come to our attention at press time that Anderson Columbia, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against the Jackson County Commission along with a request for an injunction in regards to the recent $1.3 million dollar road contract which was awarded to Asphalt Paving Systems, Inc. without the normal bidding procedures.

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  1. If this has anything to to with Old Cottondale Road.. There should be a suit... it was a waste of the taxpayers money. The tax payers that have to used this road to travel it daily should be payed back. I live off of this road and the company that resurfaced it did it in record time (a few days and it had a new surface) three days after it was surfaced the new surface began coming off... they did not grind it down before laying the new surface. They came in recently with a grinder and did a few patches.. but there will soon be more areas that need it.